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Display event - Webinar: Maximizing Margins with Functional Products

Webinar: Maximizing Margins with Functional Products

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Maximizing Margins: Understanding How to Better Incorporate Functional Products Into an Operation

Join this webcast to learn about the powerful impact functional products can have on an operation's margins, and the appropriate audiences and dayparts in which functional products can maximize these margins. Successfully selling functional products requires a different perspective than other product sales, and the expert guest speakers will detail how trending categories of "functional" can be made into significant revenue drivers. This webcast will open with a Public Health Commitment update from NAMA's Government Affairs Department.

Michael Hogg, NAMA
Linda Saldana, Seventh Wave Refreshments
Kalen Caughey, Voke Energy
Andy Hajdukiewicz, Voke Energy

Time: 2:00 p.m. Eastern

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