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NAMA Machine Evaluation Program Application

This program is a service provided by NAMA to enable machine manufacturers to build equipment in conformity with the public health requirements set forth in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Public Health Service Model Food Code. It also provides a means by which vending operators, customers, public health regulatory officials, military personnel and other user groups can identify those machines which meet both the FDA food code and NAMA design and construction standards.

To apply for the program, please sign in and complete the questionnaire.  Advance payment of $3,000 is required before an evaluation can be scheduled.  Please note that this only a deposit. Actual cost can exceed this amount.

To pay by check, please contact Jo Bradshaw at 312.291.7236 or jbradshaw@namanow.org.  

Once application is approved, The NAMA Consultant will contact you to schedule the evaluation. 

For help applying,  contact Jo Bradshaw at 312.291.7236 or jbradshaw@namanow.org.
For questions about the program, contact  NAMA's Public Health Consultant, Rick Daugherty at 630.921.8650 or publichealth100@gmail.com.

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